10 Tips To Perfecting BBQ

10 Tips To Perfecting BBQ

With the warmer seasons fast approaching, it’s time to break out the smoker and hone your BBQing skills. These 10 tips to becoming a pit master should do the trick.

1. Slow and Low

Slow and low could be the #1 rule of barbecuing. Finding the perfect balance of time and temperature can be tricky, but it is oh-so important. Be sure that the temperature is evenly dispersed and consistent during the entire cooking time. Of course, the cooking time depends on the cut and size of your meat. The ideal smoking temp is typically somewhere between 200°- 225°F.

2. Don’t Peak

As previously mentioned, it’s important to keep the temperature consistent, so don’t check your meat too frequently.

3. Use a Good Cooker

Make sure to use a good quality cooker/smoker. Cheaper versions are not always air tight. This can let in unwanted oxygen that can lead to an inconsistent cooking temp.

4. High Quality Meat

A good cut of meat is important and noticeably tastier. Remember, it’s the meat that is the star, not the sauce. Sauce is just your garnish. But even an excellent sauce can’t cover up mediocre meat. So, spend that extra little bit of money for a good quality cut of meat. It’s worth it!

5. Choose Your Wood

The wood you choose is basically an ingredient itself. It certainly adds an essential flavor to your BBQ dish. So make sure it’s the right flavor for your cut of meat. Popular flavors include oak, hickory, maple, mesquite, and to change it up a bit, try a fruit tree wood like apple, cherry or peach.

6. Soak You Chips

Some may say this is a myth and true pit master can be a bit superstitious . . . But we like to go with tradition and say soak ‘em! Soak your chips for 30 minutes to get the most smoke. Just be sure to thoroughly drain them.

7. Rub Staples

A good rub starts with sugar, salt and pepper. Add on from there, but don’t forget those three essential ingredients. Great additions include cumin, paprika, chili powder and garlic and so much more!

8. Sauce

Sauce is a great way to elevate the flavors on your meat. Sauces are typically applied near the end of the cooking period for a savory (or sometimes sweet) caramelized bark.

9. Accessorize

Accessories aren’t just for the fashion runways. Barbecue gear is both fun and functional! Grab some meat shredding “claws” for quick and easy shredding. Add a variety of knives to your collection for efficient chopping and slicing. Accessories such as injectors and basting brushes ensure your meat stays tender, juicy and flavorful. Be sure to have a thermometer on hand to check internal temps to avoid overcooked (and undercooked) meat. And, of course, tongs and gloves are good when grabbing large chunks of hot, steamy meat.

10. Have fun!

Don’t forget that barbecuing is fun! Don’t shy away from trying something new! And, as always, ENJOY!

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