6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Summer BBQ

6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Summer BBQ

6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Summer BBQ

School is out and summer is on!  Now is the perfect time to gather together with your friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate the new season and great weather.  Here are six easy tips for throwing the perfect summer barbecue.

Break Out the Games and Activities

Put your yard to good use by busting out the games and fun activities for adults and kids alike.  Let your little ones make daisy flower crowns and necklaces while the adults dabble in a game of corn hole.  Setting up games like croquet, badminton, horseshoes, bocce ball or even a home-made lawn Twister or Jenga game will keep your guest happily entertained.  Even something as simple as a frisbee is fun and requires little-to-no skill. If you dont want to invest in these lawn games, ask your attendees if they would be willing to bring theirs along.  

Make it a Pot Luck

The stress and pressure of planning and hosting a get together can be plentiful.  Let your guests help with the work (and the dishes!) by asking them to contribute their favorite summer dish.  Whether you put them in charge of a side, dessert, or even part of the entree, youll be grateful for the helping hands.  In most cases, your visitors will be happy to contribute.

Beat the Bugs

Set up a few bug spray stations around the backyard.  Nothing kills a party like a swarm of mosquitos, so be prepared to ward them off.  For extra protection, add fresh sage to your fire pit (once all the cooking is done).  The critters dont like the smell, but many humans do!

Buffet Style

Keep things cool and casual by making your barbecue into a buffet.  Allowing your guests to help and serve themselves takes the pressure off of you and let’s them be in control.  Set up the table near your house so trays and platters can easily be refilled. Don’t keep your guests waiting for the sauce, tongs or a spoon to be available, if you can, set out two of everything to keep the line moving along.  Keep the drinks at a separate station so your guests’ hands don’t get too full.

Turn Up the Music

Music can really set the tone for your party.  Selecting your soirees soundtrack can be a bit intimidating, so just keep it simple.  Play music that will have your guests smiling and dancing all afternoon -or night- long.  There are many pre-made playlists available, so dont sweat it too much.  The work is already done for you.

Order Out and Pick it Up

If youre really looking to sit back and enjoy your party to the max, let Blues Street Barbecue do all the work for you.  Weve made it incredibly easy to order ahead of time online.  By utilizing our online ordering system on our website, you can choose a future date and time to pick up your favorite appetizers, entrees, sides, and salads, and more!  Dont worry, we wont take all the credit!  You did pick it up, after all!


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