The Best Sides For Your BBQ

The Best Sides For Your BBQ

The Best Sides For Your BBQ

Eating a BBQ meal is definitely an experience.  But the meat cannot stand alone. Your main star needs some supporting actors; it must have two or three complementing sides.  These sides should enhance the meal and add to it in a very positive way. Sides like sweet baked beans, savory greens, and tangy slaw salads are the perfect addition to your meaty meal.  Weve gathered a list of seriously tasty sides that will complete your BBQ experience perfectly and are all offered at Blues Street Barbecue for you to try today.  


Barbecue is not just about the meat, it can be about the vegetables, too!  Options like a buttery corn cobette or bacon infused green beans are the perfect balance to any meat-heavy entree.  And while some dont consider beans to be a vegetable, we do!  Our sweet brown sugared baked beans will put the perfect finishing touch to your plate.  We love how diverse potatoes can be and this is no different at Blues Street Barbecue. We proudly serve mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and dont forget the fries, which leads us to

Fried Sides

Our crispy battered French fries and sweet potato fries have the perfect crunch and are incredibly satisfying.  Or if youre looking to amplify your French fry experience, try adding cheese and bacon on top of your fries for a whole new level of flavor.  Onion rings are also a great addition to your entree. Hush puppies should come standard with any BBQ meal and will leave you longing for the South.


Now, were not just talking your typically leafy green salad, however, those are good too and pair nicely with just about any barbecue dish.  Were also talking about pasta salads and slaw salads.  Mac and cheese is on just about every BBQ joints menu and for a good reason!  Mac and cheese is an essential part of any BBQ experience.  Weve raised the bar and added bacon and cheese covered mac to our menu and it does not disappoint.  Or, to liven up your taste buds, a tangy slaw salad, such as our horseradish slaw salad, will keep your belly wanting more.


Maybe drinks dont technically count as a side, but the drink you choose certainly can add or take away from your BBQ experience. Tea is an obvious Southern classic and a staple when it comes to barbecue.  It is the perfect accompaniment to your plate. But good luck choosing between our Summer Raspberry Tea, Blackberry Iced Tea, and Peach and Orange Sweet tea. Any of these fruity teas is sure to quench your thirst but leave you want more!  Other refreshing BBQ drink ideas include our bottomless Black and Blue Lemonade made with fresh blackberry and blueberry syrup. Another sweet option is a Shirley Temple, sure to bring back happy memories and smiles.

Now that youre salivating, come on down to Blues Street Barbecue and give some of the best BBQ side dishes a test drive on your taste buds.

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